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Travolta Tragedy Report Helped Treat 8 Month Old

The unfortunate death of John Travolta 16-year-old son in January. His son had suffered from Kawasaki disease, which usually appears in children under 5. May 2 have helped to save a child Calexico. So Lawrence wanted to inform viewers about this little known disease that if untreated, may lead to inflammation of blood vessels, heart damage, coronary artery aneurysms, and in some cases, death. Channel 10 reporter Bob Lawrence was all ears. Although Jett Travolta didn t die from Kawasaki disease, publicity over his death from a seizure of the media spotlight shined on the mysterious disease that had suffered a 2 years.
20.1.09 10:34

Stargazing Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey Miley Cyrus The Jonas Brothers Run Dmc

Junior inaugural: We Are the Future will be held Monday and air on Disney Channel. Implementation will be Miley Cyru, the Jonas Brother and Bow Wow.Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will be the guest with their families..
20.1.09 10:34

Brad Pitt Robert Pattinson And Amy Winehouse Triumph In Annual Skin Awards

These and other stars were recognized for their achievements in skin-related issues with Dr. Vail Reese Brad Pitt Robert Pattinson and will no doubt Amy Winehouse the honor to learn that their complexions have earned a prize Magro.
20.1.09 10:34

Katie Holmes Copies Sexy Victoria Beckham Again

Only 24 hours ago Victoria Beckham flashed his pants in the world in a new series of sexy pictures for Emporio Armani. But before she could even get back his own clothes single white female came out of the wood to steal his thunder. Today the ex-best friend-is-fashion-rival, Katie Holme, has stepped up its PR push, the inauguration of a new collection for the fashion house Miu Miu rival a spin-off Prada and watch the results are not surprising family.
20.1.09 10:34

Robert Pattinson Quot Superman Competition

Tifosi Twilight author Stephenie Meyer wanted to choose a Superman to play their preferred man. Click here to see the latest photos of Robert and Kristen u0026gt; They have signed petitions demanding Robert be fired, but refused Stephenie. Robert Pattinson was not t the first choice for Edward Cullen in Twilight. Entertainment Weekly said: The boy that children have always been saying that they wanted was to Edward Tom Welling of Smallville..
20.1.09 10:34


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